Health and Serenity in Body and Mind Through Spiritual Restructuring

What is Spiritual Restructuring?Spiritual Restructuring is a wonderful companion to Spiritual Response Therapy and involves working with your High Self, dowsing with a pendulum, testing and adjusting muscles and other physical imbalances of the body. Spiritual Restructuring is a system that can be used to discover and put together nutritional guidelines for your individual body type and condition, reduce emotional stress and even synchronize your brain and mind. It is a holistic system that can clear and bring about greater alignment of your mental, emotional and physical bodies.How Spiritual Restructuring Came AboutA Reverend Robert Detzler since 1985, has been developing and working with a system called Spiritual Response Therapy. Spiritual Response Therapy itself is a system of working with your spiritual committee, a group of spiritual beings, to find, research and clear the negative and limiting energies that are part of your akashic or soul records. Spiritual Response Therapy has improved and brought relief to conditions such as cancer, tumors, allergies, asthma, relationship problems, prosperity blocks, fears, phobias and others. Although Spiritual Response Therapy itself has helped produce amazing results, Robert realized that it still did not bring about complete resolution to some issue, namely physical and emotional issues.In 1998, Robert came across a system called the “Results System”, which seemed to resolve some of those persistent unresolved issues. He learnt the Results System and thereafter adapted and fit together the principles or Spiritual Response Therapy and the Results System together. This gave birth to Spiritual Restructuring. Since then he has discovered additional techniques that make Spiritual Restructuring even more effective and powerful.How Spiritual Restructuring May be Right For YouIf you have been putting up with or suffering with long standing unresolved emotional or physical issues and challenges, if you have tried to seek the help of other healing modalities through conventional medicine or alternative, and if you still have those challenges cropping up from time to time or persistently bothering you, Spiritual Restructuring is worth a shot. Since it has produced amazing results for so many people, so why not you too?Another unique benefit of Spiritual Restructuring is that the adjustments done can be made without touching the body, they can be done energetically, thereby making this method of restructuring very useful for people who have certain beliefs about not being touched physically and for people who are unable to be present physically for a session.Of course the number of healing modalities out there are countless, but then there is also this very unique and effective system that can help you realign, readjust and rebalance your mind, emotions and physical bodies. And if this wonderful system can help you do that, then you have lots to gain by resolving those long standing issues once and for all.

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